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Apprenticeship Reform

Apprenticeship facilitation.

The opportunities for recent graduates of high school to enter apprenticeship programs in a number of trades such as plumbing, electrician etc are severely limited by the requirement that several journeymen must be available to train each apprentice. The college of trades must be reformed to facilitate easier access for young high school graduates .Our neighbour is a recent graduate but finds that no employer wants an apprentice because he lacks the money and the program requires 3 journeymen for one apprentice.

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  1. The College of Trades should be eliminated; as well as those ridiculous fees that were just added. Simply just another payroll tax with a different name!

    1 year ago
  2. Agreed. Very few Ontario employers are looking for 1st-year apprentices. They all want to poach third or 4th-year apprentices from each other instead of investing in training. The Youth Employment Fund should be marketed to construction companies and hopeful apprentices as a means of funding apprenticeships so we can get more skilled workers trained faster.

    1 year ago
  3. Jon

    More apprenticeship programs need to follow university programs too.

    1 year ago
  4. My father was corresponding with the Ontario government in the 1970s over this exact issue. He was the Plant Manager for a branch of a multinational manufacturing firm and always had problems finding tool and die makers. As most Canadian manufacturing firms are smaller companies, they simply don't have enough journeymen so only the largest companies were able to train apprentices.

    1 year ago
  5. If the ratio of tradesperson to apprentices was lowered then the apprentice would be let go just as they get their trade certificate.A good start would be to police lowes and Home depot contractors many have no certification at all same as many small to medium size companies.when you have renovations done insist on a copy of the trade certificate of all workers in your home,insurance may not cover any faults later on

    1 year ago
  6. We should identify the trades that have shortages and the ones that help the province get ahead. For instance, I don't think there are shortages in the building trades compared to machinists, tool and die makers, pipe & gas fitters, aircraft mechanics, and NDT (non-destructive test) inspectors. Manufacturing needs these trades. I worked for a company that brought machinists to Canada. Perhaps to start, we should offer scholarships to European trade schools.

    1 year ago
    1. I agree that there needs to be a public awareness campaign or something regarding the trades. There is FIERCE competition for plumbing, electrical and carpentry apprenticeships, because those are the trades everyone knows about, and it's hard to collect enough information about the other trades to make a decision to go into them. I like the idea of sponsored training overseas but I'm not sure about attaching it to academics. Would you have to have good grades in school to qualify for these scholarships? Because that rules out some very promising young people.

      1 year ago
  7. As an Electrician I can assure this is a terrible idea. What this will cause is smaller contractors will hire people as first term apprentices. keep them on for the first and second years then lay the person off, and hire a new first year. Changing the ratio will make it extremely difficult for apprentices to achieve the journeyman certificate. This will also lower the wages for journeymen, because why would a company pay for a journeyman when they can have a cheaper forth year instead. There are also practical reasons why this ratio exists, apprentices often have to be babysat for their first and second terms, which makes it more difficult for the journeyman to complete their work. The goal of the apprentice is to become a journeyman, if the ratios are changed then the job market for that apprentice will be far more difficult once they become a journeyman.

    As well if your friend is serious, most unions offer yearly apprentice intakes. If he was interested in being an electrician he just mist the IBEW intake for 2013 which happens in September. He should be contacting the unions of the trades that he is interested in to find out when they are having intakes.

    also I don't understand when you say he doesn't have the money. I didn't have to pay a cent to get my apprenticeship.

    1 year ago
  8. Also if your friend was in high school and was interested in the trades then he should have done the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). I know of 3 different apprentices that did this program and started their apprenticeships the day after they graduated high school.

    Many collages are offering pre-apprenticeship course now as well. That is how I got into my apprenticeship.

    I know it is difficult to become an apprentice, it was for me. But once your neighbor does find an apprenticeship he will be glad that the ratios exist.

    1 year ago
    1. My concern is more about encouraging employers to take on apprentices, period - many contractors/employers who are qualified to take on apprentices, don't. The pre-apprenticeship programs offered in colleges cost the same as a college degree and there's no guarantee they will help you get an actual apprenticeship. As well, the unions tend to have higher requirements, and that once-a-year intake is very intimidating for people who want to get working right away. The websites don't tell you when the intake will be so for all you know, you just missed it and it will be another 11 months before you can apply. The OYAP is also only available to high-schoolers, not people who change careers later in life. All we hear is that the trades are lacking qualified people, but once you actually start trying to find work, you realize that the trades haven't changed their recruiting techniques in fifty years. Big problem.

      1 year ago
  9. There is no guarantee of employment in any line of work with a college or university degree that includes the trades. It took me a long time to get my apprenticeship. I had to meet people, network, go to school, and sit out side of electrical suppliers at 5 am and ask everyone that walked in if they would give me a chance. The ratios seem bad for anyone trying to get there shot. But if its changed then all the benefits of the trades will be changed to. Wages will drop employers will take away benefits.

    Right now with the ratios the way they are it gives employers the incentive to keep there apprentices, and make sure those apprentices become journeymen.

    If the ratios are changed to 1 to 1 it will become a lot easier to become an apprentice, but it will be far more difficult to find and keep employment as a journeyman.

    1 year ago
  10. As a minimum it should be 1 apprentice to 1 tradesman working to as skill levels are advanced to 3 apprentices to 1 tradesman and there should be some value received for any increased fee not just grab the money and run.

    1 year ago

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