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MPPs should make detailed expense claims public

MPPs should be required to publicly list all of their expense claims, just as Elizabeth May is doing at the federal level on her web site. All receipts can be seen online. If she can do it so can all MPPs and MPs.

Submitted by 1 year ago

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  1. This should not have to be legislated, If I was an MPP, I would want to post everything voluntarily and completely. I would have nothing to hide....and being open about how I'm spending taxpayer funds would, I think, be appealing to those who might consider voting for me. Sadly, I'm sure there are not many (any??) who have taken this step voluntarily.

    1 year ago
    1. DMChoptiany Idea Submitter

      Unfortunately you are not an MPP. Those who are MPP's and MP's do not want the public to know how they are using our tax dollars. So legislating them to be open is the only way. If they do not comply or provide false claims (as Duffy, Wallin and Harb did) it is grounds for dismissal.

      1 year ago
    2. All MPP expenses are reviewed by a committee comprised of all three parties. Opposition sees what the party in power spends and the party in power sees what opposition spends. It's called the Standing Committee on Public Accounts. Plus there are civil servants who look over the expenses and refuse to pay for things that aren't covered. There's also an auditor general. And btw, John Fraser posts his expenses online. It's pretty boring stuff.

      1 year ago
  2. I totally agree with legislating it. I simply made the comment that it should not be necessary to do so. But I recognize that sometimes the big stick is necessary. Sad but true!

    1 year ago
  3. Moderator

    There is legislation governing the expenses of Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Leaders in Ontario. Details at http://www.oico.on.ca/exp/EXPweb.nsf/htmlDocs/home?openDocument

    Are you looking for something similar that applies to all Members of Provincial Parliament?

    1 year ago
    1. Yes, something that applies to all MPPs, not just Cabinet Ministers and above.

      1 year ago
    2. Yes, but stronger. Not just hospitality expenses, but office expenses, claimed benefits, etc.

      If it's public money, then it's public information.

      1 year ago
  4. Liberal MPP John Fraser has started doing this very shortly after being elected for his first time in the by-election: http://www.johnfraser.onmpp.ca/mNews/7176

    The OLP Caucus has been supportive of this move and I bet many will do this of their own accord shortly, post the federal Liberal Party of Canada taking the lead on this.

    1 year ago
  5. @Phil, those measures seem to be rather ineffective in light of the most recent run of scandals ie Duffy et al.

    At the moment, it seems to me that it's akin to asking little Billy to keep his eye on little Susie and Bobby as they all line up at the cookie jar behind mom's back.

    1 year ago
  6. After all, us, the tax payers are paying for MP's salaries. We are absolutely entitled to see where that money goes.

    1 year ago
  7. Dee

    It will save us a boat load of money on auditors. The public will be auditing those expenses for free. If you don't want your spending of public money to be public then you shouldn't use public money... simple.

    1 year ago
  8. Public officials should be required by LAW to publish budgets, salaries, expenses, donations, bribes, payouts, etc. We the people elect, we should have access to all details. If the almighty "Premier Dad" of Ontario had to abide by any type of accountability - he'd have been stripped of that lucrative pension, salary, backdoor blind eye bribes to save x seats instead of us having to cover a 1+billion $ legacy (which he isn't required to pay a single cent for as he's not living in Canada anymore), perks for himself/his dependents/his 'trusted advisers'/staff - yup I should stop before I encourage you to get involved and take action to change how we elect/support/punish/etc those who use the rules to their personal advantage instead of being an accountable representative for OUR best interests...If you don't use your right to vote, don't complain! Our voting stats in every level of government are pathetic. One of the coming of age benefits in Canada is being able to vote. Shame on those who don't, you want to make a difference? Make sure you educate EVERYONE you know how important this right is and how they shouldn't waste oxygen complaining if they CHOSE not to get involved. It's one of the only things that is absolutely FREE, so help others appreciate that even a single vote can and will make a difference.

    1 year ago

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