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Change the 407 Act!

Bring fairness & transparency back to consumers & reign in spiraling tolls. Sign the petition http://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/change-the-407act


Grievances against 407ETR include spiraling tolls, invoice suppression, undocumented invoicing, interfering with 407Act, keeping bankrupts in plate denial, ignoring the Statute of Limitations, improper billing, double billing, equipment failure, paying the bill and not getting credited, usury rates of interest, ect... Unsuspecting citizens receive a bill for undocumented amounts of money. In some cases the amounts are for thousands and thousands of dollars and has caused undue hardship to many.


Ferrovial, owner of 407ETR is spreading their greed around the world. Texas has the same problem as we do here


We can not continue to turn a blind eye to this company's disrespect for Canadian public policy. The government must get out of this company's business all together and stop acting as their personal collection agency. This will level the playing field for consumers.


Because our government felt this company's success was vital to important public policy, it gave this company unique powers to deny a person's plate for renewal if the company says the person owes them money.


The problem is that this company has exploited those unique powers for financial gain to the determent to citizens. 407ETR makes their own rules & MTO claims their hands are tied and can not do anything about it. This is not true! MTO can do something about it and we can help them do it starting with making sure that the independent arbitrators are exactly that... INDEPENDENT from 407ETR's influence.


On October 30th, 2003, Dalton McGuinty gave his first speech as Premier to the Economic Club of Toronto. He used weighty words claiming that his predecessors produced budgets the way that the circus puts on an act with smoke, mirrors and spin. He touted that he would put the public interest ahead of political interest, give people the straight goods, tell people the truth about the province's accounts. He was critical about the sale of 407ETR saying it was sold at fire sale prices, putting short-term political interests ahead of the public interest.




What did he do about 407ETR issues? On November 12th, 2004 he commissioned Harinder Takhar to conduct a review of 407ETR's customer service.



The problems that were found in that review, still exists to this very day. Dalton McGuinty did absolutely nothing about rising tolls and customer service issues. As a matter of fact he quit, made an "amicable" settlement with this company, threw consumers under the bus and blamed Mike Harris for everything. So much for putting the public interest ahead of political interest.




Now we have this highway being extended to the east. The Ontario Liberal Party claims that the extension will be publicly owned and that they will be able to control tolls and customer service issues. However, they gave the same consortium of investors in the current 108 KM's, not only the contract to design and build the extension, but also the contract to operate and maintain the highway for 30 years. Nothing with respect to tolls or customer service issues will change. Is this just smoke, mirrors and spin? OR will you change what Premier McGuinty didn't?




Tim Hudak says government should stay out of a business' way and let them create jobs, ect... I would ask him and other leaders to take that thought a step further. If this company wants to buy/build a highway without a gate, find a way to protect your own bottom line. The government should keep out of this company's business completely. Stop acting as their own personal collection agency.


We have been petitioning this government to speak to Jodie Parmar, former Vice President, Corporate Development, Privatization Secretariat/Ontario that successfully led the $3.107 billion privatization of Highway 407. Do what is fair and just for consumers. Change the 407 Act!


Please watch the documentary "Truth be Tolled" all 12 parts on YouTube



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