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Faster Internet for a Faster and more efficient Province.

Whereas Federal rules governing Internet Service Providers dissuade foreign investment and open competition, which results in duopolies, monopolies, and needlessly inflated service prices in tandem with atrociously reduced speeds, service, and arbitrary "bandwidth caps".


Whereas said reduced speeds, service, and arbitrary "bandwidth caps" reduces the true potential of business, research and development, and ease of access to consumers in a world where broadband technology is far more advanced than what we have in Ontario.


Whereas the market duopoly or monopoly (depends where you live) that plague regions across Ontario are not conducive to market competition nor technological innovation, while allowing "third party" providers that rent broadband infrastructure from said duopolies or monopoly hasn't shown itself to be an effective countermeasure for the purpose of long term broadband infrastructure development.


Whereas the average internet speed in Canada is 7.6mbps (megabits per second), whilst the average speeds in Japan and South Korea are at an enviable 61mbps and is 46mbps, respectively; and the average cost per megabit per second in Canada is $6.50, which is reflected in prices in Ontario, while the average cost per megabit per second is $0.27 in Japan, $0.45 in South Korea, $0.63 in Sweden, $1.64 in France, and $3.33 in a country with comparable land mass: the USA.


Whereas rural Ontario continues to suffer from the digital divide, whilst Google is establishing 1 gigabit per second speeds in Rural Kansas, which is approximately 130x faster than our average speed.

Whereas the Federal Government can not be relied on establishing an effective digital strategy, given that they haven't shown initiative for 6 years, and that waiting for the Federal Government to act on this issue is time taken away from improving our own broadband infrastructure.


Whereas provincial investment in LTE and fibre-optic broadband infrastructure, with the goal of striving towards the highest average internet speeds with the most competitive price/mbps in the world, in tandem with our highly educated workforce, research & development, incubators, and ideal business environment, can and will make us the most technologically innovative state in the world.


Therefore be it resolved that the Government of Ontario establish a digital economy strategy, with the goal of having preferably the highest average internet speeds with the most competitive prices in the world, connected to every household, business, and institution in Canada, preferably by the year 2020.



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