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Ban Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

A teenager comes out to his family and his parents spend the night yelling, crying and blaming their child for being gay. They take their child to a “doctor” that claims he can make their child straight. This teenager is enrolled in a Gay Conversion Therapy program against his will and constantly told that he is immoral and evil. He will experience shame, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. No matter how much he tries he will still be gay because a person cannot change their sexual orientation.


Minors are forced or “greatly encouraged” by parents to participate in Gay Conversion Therapy. A child should not be forced to participate in a program that will psychologically and emotionally damage them. If a person wants to attempt this program than they should independently make that choice when they are 18.


The Ontario Government should take a leading role in Canada to ban minors from participating in these horrendous programs. If a parent tries to enrol their child in Gay Conversion Therapy than they should loose custody of the child for a period deemed appropriate by Ontario law and practices.


This proposal was adapted as an official policy by the Ontario Young Liberals at the 2013 Summer Fling.



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