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Ban Puppy Mills and regulate pet breeding.

I propose a complete ban of the unethical and cruel business of puppy mill breeding in Ontario.

There are cruelty laws in place, but they are rarely enforced and are on a complaint based system. It is common practice to discard breeding dogs on the side of the road, where they are picked up by animal control and sent to rescue agencies or are put down if they are not adopted.

The psychological effects are obvious in any dog that has been rescued from a puppy mill which is indicative of the deplorable living situation.

An all out ban would prevent unnecessary animal cruelty and help control the pet population. Most pets that end up in a pound are either sold from puppy mills or backyard breeders to purchasers that have not been screened; they are after all a business with an interest in profit over an interest in responsible breeding.


I also propose that back yard breeders should be subjected to regulation. Although backyard breeding could be seen as a hobby, it is in reality a business.

Negligent breeding and selling results in over crowding at animal shelters.


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To see the reality of how many pets are abandoned, check out:


You will see a list of over 180 000 dogs around Toronto that need a home.



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