Health Care

Keep our hospitals public

Keep our hospitals non-profit public instead of for-profit private. We don't want the American system where people who are forced to sell their homes due to illness.


Don't allow consortiums to own, run or decide who to hire.


Don't change the system, improve the system.

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Fair & Just Society


There are a fair number of suggestions here now that include concerns about accountability (you can find them through a search) I think it would be a good idea for the government of Ontario to define through legislation exactly what "Accountability" means and entails for all institutions, agencies and bodies that are (or should be) accountable to the public in Ontario. Accountability should be required, and consequences ...more »

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Jobs & Economy

Why Financial Transaction Tax Is the Best Way To Pay For Transit

This method of taxation is probably the most accepted form anywhere because it is easy to implement and it's successful in other countries and regions. Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore among others have Financial Transaction Taxes yet are among the free economies in the world. Even a small tax percentage as low as .01% on every transaction at the TSX will make BILLIONS for Ontario annually with no risk to the people. ...more »

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