A Culture of Health


WHEREAS social determinants of health approaches and theories that foreground the link between inequitable distribution of social resources and unfair exposure to health-reducing conditions, have been criticized for ignoring “non-economic”— that is, interpersonal and structural manifestations of racism, that are part of the larger picture of health inequities ;


WHEREAS researchers have proposed that racism be seen as a primary factor in producing inequitable health outcomes in racialized populations ;


WHEREAS the myriad examples of racial inequities in health, not only in access to care, but also in life expectancy, mortality, morbidity, health status, disease prevalence and incidence, utilization of services, clinical outcomes, process of care, adequacy of pain management, do-not resuscitate orders, and end of life care - even under conditions of equal access to medical care, should be of concern to countries with a universal health-care system such as Canada ;


WHEREAS the Key Determinants of Health and Social Determinants of Health continue to omit listing ‘Race’ despite research that points to the connections between health outcomes and racial inequities, discrimination and racism ;


BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Party advocate to address ‘Race’ as a twelfth additional Key Determinant and Social Determinant of Health, and together with the Government of Canada - implement Health Canada data collection analysis that addresses adverse varying degrees of health, illness and the distribution of economic and social resources on racialized Canadians and immigrant visible minorities.


*Background information and references available.



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