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Affordable Cost of Living

Affordable Housing

Current land-use polices, namely “Places To Grow Act”, enacted more than 10 years ago, is outdated and based on old environmental philosophy - concocted during early 1990s - that’s not compatible with the state of the technology available to us at the present (e.g. Electric Cars, Solar Roofs, etc.). According to the current Ontario Government Climate Change Action Plan, housing and transportation amount to about 55% of total emissions. With current commercially available technologies, it’s viable and not out of bound to say that this source of emissions can be nearly eradicated within 20 years. We have to change land-use policies to reflect the current, impending, and future technologies and to account for population growth in a sustainable way. We need to slow pace of densification and allow for some sprawl in a balanced way so we could grow without adding economic burdens (due to densification and limited growth) and in the same time ensuring transit viability around GGH. New land-use policies also have to be sensitive to market forces of supply and demand, meeting our growth needs (not only in number but also type of housing and their location) and maintaining affordability within reach. Low-carbon polices/economy is old fashion idea and instead Ontario and Ontarians should embrace technology-propelled policies/economy that’s future oriented and economically sustainable.



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