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All-Day, Two Way GO Service on Milton Line

All-day, two-way GO service on the Milton Corridor is critical to the growth of Mississauga. Outside of the Lakeshore West GO corridor, the Milton Corridor is the busiest. Over 77,000 jobs are located along the corridor and a significant amount of Mississauga's residential population. The line has 6 stops in Mississauga, connecting downtown Toronto to Mississauga and beyond to Milton, one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. The line also intersects at Cooksville where the soon to be built Hurontario LRT will have a station. It would dramatically improve travel locally and regionally for Mississauga residents.


Mississauga is now a net importer of jobs - more people start and end their day, or drive into Mississauga for work than leave. We're home to over 88,000 businesses, and 428,000 employees. 46,000 of these employees work in the Meadowvale Business Park alone, which is directly serviced by the Milton corridor. The vacancy rate continues to climb in this business park as the next generation of employee does not want to drive to work - they want transit. Our business community is telling us they want all-day, two-way service and may have to relocate if it does not happen soon. The business case for all-day, two way GO Service on the Milton corridor is strong and the need for this service is stronger. Commuter routes have changed and so too must our service.


At present, the Milton Corridor is the only one in the Regional Express Rail plans that has no timeline for achieving all-day, two-way service. When the RER maps are presented, the Milton Corridor is the only one that is not highlighted, yet it remains one of the most important corridors in the GO network. In 2015, Mississauga assembled a consortium of cities including, Toronto, Milton, Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener and Brampton to fund a feasibility study called the "Missing Link." This is workable solution that would see the freight removed from the CP Rail Corridor (Milton line) and moved to the already existing CN Rail corridor to the north.


This approach would free up the Milton Corridor for passenger rail. It is one approach, but not the only approach. We will work with the government to achieve all-day, two-way GO service on the Milton corridor. Now is the time to commit to a plan for the Milton Corridor and make all-day, two-way service a reality.


Bonnie Crombie, Mayor

City of Mississauga



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