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Allow Cities To Toll There Roads

Residents of cities should be allowed to vote on the issue of tolling highways/expressways in there cities.


The economists at the C.D. Howe Institute argue road tolls are the best solution to reducing congestion and the additional revenue is a bonus that can be used to improve transit and other infrastructure.


A previous Conference Board of Canada report showed Ontario drivers pay between 70 to 90 per cent of the cost to maintain roads through registration fees, gas taxes, parking tickets and other revenue tools. In the GTA, it's more than 100 per cent.


An example from London, England, supports this. A congestion charge there in 2003 cut traffic by about 15 per cent.


A 2007 study from C.D. Howe says, Neither fuel taxes nor parking fees are effective in dealing with traffic congestion. Appropriately designed road-pricing schemes are the best instrument. Road pricing's usefulness in charging for road damage, insurance, and so on, are a bonus.


Tolling the whole freeway is totally doable and residents should know where there money is going. Tolling the entire highway would allocate the scarce road space most effectively and should lower taxes for everyone.



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