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Basic Dental Coverage for Youth and Seniors

The Ontario Liberals should cover basic dental care (i.e., annual cleaning, X-rays, fillings, braces, wisdom teeth extractions, ect.) for all Ontarians under the age of

24 years and over the age of 65 years.


Most youths end up needing their wisdom teeth removed and that surgery alone costs approximately $1,000. Likewise braces and fillings can cost thousands of dollars. This can place a very heavy burden on low income families with children and it is also a real financial strain on even middle class families with children.


Seniors are typically on fixed incomes and quite often struggle to pay for dental work such as tooth decay, gun recession and bone thinning as they age.


Basic dental care for ALL Ontarians under the age of 24 years old and over the age of 65 years old - regardless of their ability to pay - much like how OHIP currently operates - would be most helpful to millions of Ontarians and their families.


This basic dental care should use the existing OHIP card much like the Ontario Liberals' proposed youth pharmacare programme will work.



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