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Birth to Five Early Literacy Initiative

Ontario’s Future Generation

In order to have a prosperity in Ontario’s future, we must have a strong workforce and stable society. Craig Alexander, Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the Conference Board of Canada, says early childhood education is one of the best tools policy makers have at their disposal if they want to make a more equitable yet growing economy.

Ontario has made great strides on early childhood education and are moving in the right direction. How do we reach families who do not access Ontario’s EarlyON programs, day cares or Family and Child Centres in order to provide early childhood development support to families?

Literacy is the cornerstone of early childhood development, preparing children for school and school success. School success has proven to lead to continuing post-graduate education, higher skilled workforce, lower need social services, lower crime rate and lower teen pregnancy.


Ontario Birth to Five Early Literacy Initiative


Benefits of Early Literacy Initiative


Benefits for Children:

A child’s brain is developing rapidly from birth to age 5 - EXPERIENCES AND NUTURING CONNECTS NEURONS FOR BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. Early literacy will help prepare them to begin school and be more successful in school and in the workforce.


Benefits for Parents:


Increased bonding with children by sitting and reading to child. Parents will gain understanding of their very important role as a child’s first and most important teacher. Educating on their babies brain development and the impact of reading, taking and bonding have on their babies will make parents more aware to limit screen time for themselves and their child, spend quality time and create a secure and safe early childhood environment. READING IS ONE THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS TO BUILD BRAINS AND EMOTIONAL BONDING IN THE EARLY YEARS THAT SETS A FOUNDATION FOR LEARNING.


Benefits to Society:

As children are better prepared for school and higher graduation rates, the whole society benefits. Higher employment rates, lower crime, less pressure of all social services, lower teen pregnancy.


Using a book gifting program like Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library as a foundation program for communities, helps to develop an early home learning environment, can impact literacy rates, school readiness and parental bonding and attachment. The long term impact has proven that children have higher graduation rates, lower social services costs for providers and more contributing adults for Ontario. This is a proven PREVENTIVE and COST SAVINGS program.

According to the late Dr. Fraser Mustard, in order to make a change in early childhood development, public policy must have SCALE and FREQUENCY.

• Mail an age appropriate book to all Ontario children under 5 years old as a foundation program.

• Deliver early literacy training and supports for parents. (Programs at Early ON locations)

• Provide incentive program to encourage parents to read to children every day and for attending the early literacy training.

• Connect and leverage efforts of organizations with common goals to start a read-aloud movement.


The Ontario Liberal Party will support ALL families with early childhood development through an early literacy initiative.



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