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Build the Highway 400-404 Link

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South Simcoe County and northern York Region are rapidly growing, and traffic problems are only getting worse. We need to design, fund and build the long-awaited Highway 400-404 Link, formerly called the Bradford Bypass. This 16-kilometre highway would connect the Highway 404 extension north of Queensville Sideroad in East Gwillimbury to Highway 400 north of the 8th Line in Bradford.


This is a vital piece of infrastructure to ensure the flow of traffic, make commuting easier and to move goods to market. It will also help protect our local environment by cutting down on gridlock, even as we await transit options such as all-day GO train service.


The provincial government has put the Link back on its growth plan, but now is the time to move forward with plans to actually design, fund and build the link.


Rob Keffer

Mayor of Bradford West Gwillimbury


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