Inclusive Growth

Community housing

I can remember a time when low rental homes had contests for the best garden and inspections were done to ensure the maintenance of homes were kept up. Communities joined together and ran programs to keep kids busy and parents involved with their children. Small businesses knew their employees from communities and trusted them enough to employ them. Neighborhood watch was there to protect families. Bullying was shamed. My family drove by my old neighborhood and I was almost in tears. The disregard for homes that were build to offer affordable living is very discouraging. This is the responsibility of the renter and landlord. Landlords need to respect renters and property so renters will offer respect back. Too much bullying on both sides. Check land lord and tenant records and hear the stories of bulling from landlords. Just because it is affordable living does not mean you have the right as a renter to destroy the property or a landlord to have just lack of care. We can bring it back with some TLC from the government. Let them know your watching over them and you care. All affordable living.



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