Strong Sustainable Communities

Cut Immigration in half - lower population growth for environmental and economic reasons

We do not know if in future we will be facing a shortage of jobs due to automation, or a shortage of labour due to people retiring.


Regardless, there is no reason for high immigration today, particularly into the GTA. The population has grown extremely fast since Mulroney introduced a policy of high immigration (all the time even during recessions) around 1990. Canada now has about 22% foreign born population, the highest it has been in 100 years, since the immigration boom into the West ended in 1914.


More people means more GHG emissions, more sprawl and is not sustainable given our wasteful lifestyle.


Population growth in the GTA has meant higher housing prices, greater poverty, lower wages, higher unemployment and in particular, more traffic congestion and transit that is inadequate for the growing population.higher taxes to build it, or to operate it.


We need to spend billions on transit, yet nobody is willing to pay! 40% of people want immigration - they cannot all be xenophobes -

we need to listen.



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