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Lifelong Learning

Dedicated Student Jobs

Not sure if this is possible.


Can we dedicate a percentage of certain jobs to teenagers/students? Jobs in retail, fast food, part time jobs should be prioritized for young adults who need them to gain real life experiences. How do adults know how to handle themselves in front of colleagues in the work place with some sort of decorum; we learnt it from dealing with bad customers when we worked these types of jobs as teenagers.


Now a days, you have adults working 2-3 of these types of jobs, not to mention automation taking over. And we complain kids these days don't know how to deal with, like us. Let kids 'cut their teeth' like we did.


Subsidizing pay for these jobs for students can:

- provide incentives for companies to hire students

- lead to students possibly staying and growing with said company

- give students the life experience they lack when coming out of school



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