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Deposit for Return: Half of Plastic Bottles Sold in Ontario End Up in Landfill

Of the 3 billion plastic bottles sold in Ontario 1.5 billion end up in landfill. Ontario's performance is very poor in comparison with other provinces which are succeeding to divert more plastic from landfill with a deposit for return program. Ontario should do the same and use the funds generated to finance maintaining the health of the Great Lakes and other waterways.


Plastics are dangerous for our health because they contain endocrine disruptors which have been shown to cause cancer and autism. Chemicals from plastics lin landfill leech into waterways and errant plastic can end up in bodies of water. Plastic has found in the aquatic foodchain and microfilaments of plastic have been found in tap water. This is a very worrisome development. For a sustainable future and for healthy communities we need to get behind an aggressive recycling program and cash-for-deposit has been proven to work in Canada and Europe. Better still we should be banning non-essential plastic bottle usage.



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