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Disability Benefits from Insurance Companies - They avoid paying by playing dirty - let's stop it!

Many people have have benefits from employment (or by buying insurance) that include disability coverage from insurance companies to replace income due to illness or disability.


Ever try collecting this?


The insurance companies like Manulife act in bad faith to deny benefits on spurious grounds - particularly if they are dealing with mental health disabilities such as depression.


They will claim the coverage is not valid or expired, their in house doctors will find any excuse to deny coverage - exactly at the same time people are least able to stand up for themselves and they lack the money to get by yet alone find the money for paying lawyers.


The insurance companies in effect force people to take them to court. They know that they will win sometimes and more likely the person claiming benefits will be willing to settle for 30% or less on the dollar to also avoid a trial.


We need an independent tribunal or means of determining eligibility for disability benefits - similar to the HRTO to stop this horrible abuse of power by insurance companies.



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