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Doctor's Note - School Policy

School boards need to abolish the policy of asking for doctor's note when a student is sick. If a parent writes a note, this should suffice. I have a Grade 9 child this year entering high school, I think this policy is ridiculous as it wastes the GP's time to just see a patient for a note. Yet, the doctor will charge the Ontario gov't for seeing that patient (all because of a flu). This also frees up the doctor's time to actually see patients who are in need of care.

I encountered another incident where my younger daughter suffered a sprain at school. I sent a note requesting for the school to keep her in for recess the following day as the remedy for a sprain is rest and elevate. The school called and informed me that in the future, a doctor's note is required.

What we need is simple common sense.

If the secondary school boards need reassurance that a student is not feigning illness, then build a secured site for parents to report their child's illness and absence. The technology is there, why not make use of it?



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