A Culture of Health


WHEREAS the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion identifies the prerequisites for health as peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, social justice, and equity ;

WHEREAS research has consistently made connections between adverse health outcomes and racial inequity ;

WHEREAS racialized Canadians experience a range of adverse living circumstances that threaten not only their health, but also the overall well-being of Canadian society ;

WHEREAS concerns for the absence of African – Caribbean Canadians at senior management and executive levels in health care organizations, including at board levels remains formally unaddressed ;

WHEREAS in general, African Canadians have poorer health outcomes than many other groups, with factors, including poverty, unemployment, racism and discrimination increasing their risk of illness and interfering with timely and equitable treatment ;

WHEREAS research studies have found that bias, discrimination, and stereotyping in health-care delivery is an ongoing issue affecting racialized Canadians and also contributing to their underutilization of the health care system ;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Party establish a Provincial Health Equity Strategy that includes a Special Committee and work with Health Canada, health care providers and consumers, to address systemic and institutionalized racial inequities and disparities in health outcomes, access to and quality of care;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Party aim to invest and urge the Government of Canada to invest, in conducting research that involves race, gender, and class data collection analysis, and make a commitment to act upon addressing health care inequities through both a Provincial and National Health Equity Strategy.


*Background information and references available.



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