Lifelong Learning

Education for a changing world

We need to bring in a new order in education. Our children are learning in a way that worked decades ago but does not work any longer. Critical thinking skills are vital. We need to stop teaching children memorization (you can look anything up now on Google). We need to teach them how to think as opposed to what to think. We need to stop dividing education into subjects but have one dynamic class in which kids learn to problem solve, figure out things about the natural world order, identify and find solutions to climate change and issues of overpopulation and how to create a sustainable new world order. We need to stop teaching at kids. Give children a computer and put them in a group at the beginning of a class and give them a problem to solve. By the end of the class they will have done so much research and discussions amongst themselves that they will have taught themselves so much. The teacher can act as a support but not as the dominant force in the education process.


Please, please teach our kids software coding skills. As our economy moves away from industry and agriculture and even some white collar jobs (which will be replaced by AI), our children need to know how to program and code and create software. Those are where the jobs are going in the next little while. Right now there is just one optional subject in high school in computer science. Coding and software skills should be learned by all our children from kindergarten to grade 12, like is being done in B.C. and in the whole of the UK and other countries.


Please let us teach our kids and teens mechatronics and robotics so they can make the robots that will be so vital to our future.


Please let us not sit on our laurels and under-educate our children so that they are not prepared for the present and future.


Also, please get the universities to stop churning out teachers and people in other professions where there are no jobs. Many of the colleges are more in touch with where employment is going compared to universities who churn out people with arts degrees and with few opportunities going forward.



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