Inclusive and Just Society

Equality of condition

Equality of Condition

We must begin our endeavour toward inclusive prosperity with agreement that the most important consideration is the equality of condition among all Ontarians. We must believe in the inherent good of people; and that given the conditions of an equal and fair choice every person will exercise that goodness.


The government of Ontario should immediately introduce a Social Credit for every Ontarian. Often referred to as a minimum or guaranteed income, the term Social Credit is more aptly descriptive of its consequence and benefits; namely reduced future expense in health and crime, and the development and maintenance of a more civil and contributory society through the empowerment of the individual beyond their primary needs toward the full potential of their being as active and contributing members of society.


The government must accept that it is beyond their capability to create employment and therefore seek measures to maximize the contribution to society by every person using non-economic metrics while trusting that Ontario’s economic prosperity will be a positive by-product of our collective pursuit of self-actualization.


The amount of the Social Credit should not reflect the poverty-line but instead reflect the highest reasonable amount that ensures 100% consumption. The Social Credit would replace all social payments, basic unemployment insurance, CPP etc.


Ontario should eliminate Provincial income tax and property tax, and lobby for the elimination of federal income tax, replacing these with a single Point of Consumption (POC) Tax.


A point of consumption tax is not unlike a sales tax with the significant difference that the tax is collected automatically by the electronic banking system at the moment of consumption and it is applicable to the consumption of all goods and services including employment labour.


The accrued POC tax payable balance for businesses would be subject to POC tax credits against the total POC tax revenue accrued through private consumption, effectively creating the conditions for zero business tax in Ontario.


Cash withdrawals and foreign transfers would be subject to double the tax rate, reconcilable after the fact through receipts and proof of purchases.


Supplementary retirement, employment insurance, and other programs would be automatically financed through higher consumption and POC Tax payments.


Financial institutions would be required to provide accounts and transactions at no charge because there is no logic in charging people to access their own money.


The Government should create a single status of employment regardless of hours or the nature of the employment contract and eliminate the minimum wage. With a Social Credit in place, individuals will choose to work when they deem it worthwhile, and employers will offer more opportunities at lower rates than exist today.


The Government must define and delineate among Taxes, User Fees, Demand management fees, and, Administrative charges ensuring that each is utilised only for and to its specific purpose in order to restore financial transparency and accountability in Government. The use of terms like “revenue tools” is disingenuous and misleading. User fees like road tolls are acceptable only when the revenue is used solely for the roads maintenance.


Ontario must recalibrate the Governments purpose as to be in service of the well-being of the citizens. Businesses should not be hindered yet still subject to health and safety considerations, regulations, and costs if appropriate.


We must believe in the fundamental nature of our citizens as creators, explorers, and compassionate beings and simply create the conditions that allow each person to define their own path to well-being and self-actualization.


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