Inclusive Growth

Eradicate Workplace (Sexual) Harassment that Costs Billions to Economy*

Workplace (sexual) harassment costs billions* to economy through:


1) Burdening businesses with 'absenteeism, lower productivity, increased health-care costs, ... employee turnover'* and legal costs.

2) Reducing tax revenue due to higher (from 1. above) tax-deductible business costs.

3) Draining tax resource for health care to traumatized harassment/sexual assault victims and secondary-traumatized family including children.


DETERRENCE of harassers should be the aim of resolution, rather than current policy resulting silence victims by paying-off.


Public consultation for Labour policy change on this should specifically invite victims with personal experience, rather than current focus on ‘experts’ and ‘professionals’ who do not experience it themselves.


**Reference: "...a typical Fortune 500 corporation blighted by sexual harassment incidents can expect to lose $14.02 million adjusted for inflation annually..." from Many other similar sources report on economic costs of workplace (sexual) harassment.



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