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Establish A Global Fund for Climate Research and Development

Climate Change is a real threat to the globe, in the present and progressively worsening unless we act. However, the popular approach, low-carbon based economy, proposed by the Paris Treaty is quite failing and falling short of the task at hand. An alternative approach based on Research and Development is far more effective with no side effects, to the contrary this approach is stimulating to the economy as it opens doors to innovation, entrepreneurship, and ultimately overcoming climate change challenge with all its adverse effects on the weather. The solution is simple: eradicate sources of emissions by replacing old technology that causes the emission with alternatives that are cost effective and environmentally friendly in the same time.


To help bring about quick results to alleviate the impact of global warming, we need to focus on research and development which requires a lot of money and talent. If the Province of Ontario in collaboration with the Federal Government calls for a global summit to gain commitments of various nations of the world, this time at a tiny fraction of the cost of Paris treaty to establish a fund to advance research and development, coordinate global effort, and share the outcome of that effort without any patent rights, available for free to any businesses to use the output of research, all for the good will to this planet. This is by far, more speedy approach that is cost effective and doesn't have any adverse side effects on the economy. This approach also is simple and focused on solving a problem which is eliminating green house emissions that is causing the global warming. This approach doesn't require massive amounts of money and doesn't need any regulations, taxation, legislations, or any of that sort that the controversial ow-carbon approach is calling for, yet failing and falling short of meeting the challenge of global warming.



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