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Expanding O.H.I.P. coverage to include facial feminization & full breast augmentation to disabled poor trans women on O.D.S.P.

When I first wrote this I had high thoughts that Canada was far different, far more compassionate towards the downtrodden than our American cousins - I was dreadfully wrong.


I wrote this after seeing so many trans women become forced to enter the sex trade, many either dying at the hands of johns, pimps, or by their own hands.


Worse were those who are disabled, where no employer would hire them due to their own internal prejudices and bigotries. So they were forced to go on to O.D.S.P. Where they are forced to live under an income that is below the poverty level, below minimum wage, even below a living wage.


I saw so many perish as they fought their gender dysphoria and that of a oppressive trans-phobic society who believe there is money in Canada to help and house 100,000 Syrians but no compassion to help the disabled who also suffer from transgenderism.


But in Canada breast augmentation surgery for a trans female on O.D.S.P. is between $6,000 - $8,000 and facial feminization surgery is about $10,000. A small dent in the coffers of the Ontario Government and the tax payer. Which I am one of, and which they are part of too. We are all Canadians, but I do not see Canadians acting as our legend has us to be.


All I see are negative votes, and very few positive ones. I feel I am in the United States where trans persons are treated as filth, and trans women, particularly of color are hunted down and murdered.


All I see is hurt towards them but nothing that says "we can do better" that "we are better than America."


I'm just not seeing it. I see more excuses to say "no" to disabled trans women. Trans women struggling with themselves in abject poverty to decide "is today I die by suicide because I live in a society that sees me as unworthy of help?"


It takes a strong person to help a person struggling. We were there for Syrians we know nothing about, most practicing a religion that sees the transgender as something they toss off tall buildings, and women as property. And here we are blindly helping them.


But here in Canada we have statistics if one just has the motivation to look on YouTube to listen to transgender stories and on the internet to see the true struggle they face - a struggle Canadians turning their backs knowingly on them add to their struggle.


It is said, "government looks out for all under their governance. All citizens regardless of wealth, gender, health status, etc... but when we are citizens turn our backs on those who can not help being born disabled, who have no choice to be stuck in poverty, and who have gender dysphoria and we turn our backs on them - what does that say?


Well, what I am seeing with these negative votes is that we are no different than bigoted people looking for a reason not to help them because they are different. Whether they are Syrians practicing a religion that many are concerned about, or they are a trans women who suffer from not possessing enough feminine traits to allow society to accept them and encompass them into social acceptance they have no choice but to take risks.


Be it the risk is entering the sex trade and selling themselves, the risk of living each day in abject poverty unable to have the power to change their destiny, or the easier path as to escort themselves out of life where to do so costs no one a plump cent.


They are trying to live, and most of these negative responses and negative votes want nothing to see than the demise of those who are transgender because I don't see them as the solution to what ails a trans person, I see them as ushering them to the edge of suicide.


I was hoping to change that path for them. I was hoping to make a difference. Sorry this isn't a grand Superman speech to change hearts and minds to re-consider 'what if YOU were in their shoes' where in the end everyone shows over blown love towards the disabled who are also trans females.


But it would be nice to at least give my vote topic a decent chance and making a big difference for those who can't help themselves because they are too disabled to work, and if they could in the slightest no one out there in Canada where they live will hire them so THEY can make the change 'they wish upon a star' to make to better their lives.


They need not have to continue suffering. You, I and the Ontario government CAN make a difference if we can just care for one moment to think for the better good to help a fellow person in need.


Not all trans females have problems with lack of breast growth or a not passable feminine face, it is just a small percentage as most trans girls can have normal female life IF they get estrogen and androgen blockers before they hit puberty they don't need these additional surgeries. Who I am fighting for are those not given a chance by fate. When before transgender surgeries, medicines, and supports were in place as they are today for the young transgender person.


Who I fight for are those trans women who were teenagers themselves and none of those supports were available decades pass when O.H.I.P. and O.D.S.P. included none of these. When being a transgender person in 1980 meant beatings and murder just for being them outside the sex trade.


Today's trans girls do not need these surgeries, but the adults who were trans back when they were teens do as estrogen and anti-androgens aren't enough to allow today's trans women to have fully happy lives, as they handle their own disabilities.


Please think one moment, maybe two before you click 'no'.


Because this could be you. What if it was? How would you feel with so many supposed kindly legendary compassionate Canadians say 'no vote' over and over again. Would you think of ending you life if you know, the bravest of supporters like takes the time to post this vote topic only to see raw and clearly the prejudice across Ontario that we are just as bad as Americans.


I hope you can prove me wrong and click to vote 'yes'. That Canadians ARE compassionate, and more advanced than Americans in our attitude towards our trans female Canadians.


They need you. We shouldn't be selfish. That is NOT the Canadian way. There are not that many trans women in their adult stage that need these surgeries. It is such a small drain to the taxpayer. But to a trans woman on O.D.S.P. to reach the $16,000 to have the final surgeries is like trying to reach $10,000,000 dollars.


Even if the government co-paid 3/4th of the expenses, at least it is a start to recognize they do see disabled trans women as under a compassionate Canadian assistance umbrella.


Do something!


Give the government positive options to help disabled trans women a chance at happiness.


Make this happen please!


Don't turn your back on them and forsake them.


If we are not part of the cure, then we are most certainly part of the problem!


That is NOT our way as a society.


We are better than that!


You want stats and struggles of those who are transgender - here you go!


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