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Extend the GO Train Service Line from Milton to Cambridge

The highway 401 corridor across the Cambridge area has become one of the most dangerous sections of the highway in Ontario. The TransCanada highway has been closed several times in recent months due to serious accidents. This is very dangerous for our citizens of this province and has a significant negative impact on our economy. An expanded two way GO Rail Service through Toronto, Mississauga and Cambridge would significantly reduce the traffic on the 401 highway on this important corridor.


This extension will provide a sustainable travel alternative to the rapidly growing region and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from Canada's busiest highway corridor. With an expected ridership of 375,000, an expected estimated reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 29% between Cambridge and Milton would be attainable.


Ontarians will benefit from this expansion due to the enhanced mobility and economic activity that comes from the creation of a broader regional transportation network. Waterloo Region has the fastest growing proportion of technology workers among Canadian Urban Centres and is known as one of the most innovative communities in Canada. The investment will provide safer access for our highly educated citizens to innovative employment that will build our provinces economy.


This submission is from the Cambridge Women's Liberal Association.


City of Cambridge Business Case for the GO Train


Number of collisions on 401 between Cambridge and Milton 'taxing' OPP - Kitchener-Waterloo - CBC News


City of Cambridge Brochure on need for Go Train{"issue_id":446681,"page":0}


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