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Freecycling Days!

It is the stated objective of all of our levels of government to encourage the recycling and reuse of manufactured goods.


Yet many municipalities in the Province of Ontario make it illegal to both put out household items to be given away for reuse and make it illegal to take items from the "garbage".


As a result many perfectly reusable household items end up in landfill.


In part our culture of destructive and rampant consumerism is fostered by a sense that new is better.


Therefore, the Government of Ontario shouid enact legislation overriding municipal by-laws and creating quarterly "Freecycling" days where citizens would be allowed to put out reusable household items to be available for others to take, free-of-charge, to be used in any way they see fit and without any threat of fine or other legal punishment.


This will help the environment by both diverting reusable items from the landfill and preventing the unnecessary manufacture of items otherwise available.



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