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Fund Technological Education Not Simply "Technology"

Currently a great deal of funding is being directed toward Technology funding for education. However, this funding is supposed to be used for both tech education and the inclusion of technology in schools, but boards are not directing this funding for tech education.


There is a huge need to technological literate and skilled workers in our country, and the need is only going to increase. As tech teachers we are expected to find additional funding on our own through grants and other supports, or many schools/boards are having students pay an additional fee for tech courses or projects. These types of approaches are contrary to the concept of public education, and it only reinforces the the double talk/ double standard around tech education. People publicly recognize the importance of tech ed, but when it comes time to actually follow through, tech education is viewed as secondary. Properly executed tech ed programs teach and utilize literacy and numeracy skills in a very meaningful and practical way and engage students at a high level of comprehension. Also, if we are look at return on investment in education, technological education pays for itself several times over.


It is time to prioritize technological education not simply in speech but in action.



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