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Have all students learn for half the day in English and half the day in French

I feel that we should get rid of French and English schools and have ALL students learn in French for half the day and learn in English for the other half of the day from JK to grade 12. Many students in European countries speak more than two languages. Canada is a bilingual country and many people are not fluent in both official languages. I feel if children were taught both languages from JK to grade 12, then most people would be very fluent in both official languages. Studies have shown that learning a second language is very positive cognitively. However, many students who go to English schools only receive core French. This usually does not start until grade 4 and can stop after grade 9. The amount of French these students receive is not enough to make them proficient in the French language. This then presents economic barriers for these students. There are many jobs, especially government jobs, which require the successful applicant to be bilingual. Also some jobs (i.e., call centres) pay a higher hourly wage for bilingual employees compared to uni lingual employees. There are also quite a few citizens whose first language is French. If more people were bilingual, these citizens would receive better services when they shop or deal with other business. By not having separate "French" schools and "English" schools, there would probably be economic savings by having fewer buildings and administrators. This would especially be true in smaller, rural communities.



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