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Increase Ontario 400-series Highway Speed Limit to 120-130 km/h

Ontario has THE LOWEST speed limit in North America! Our speed limit was 112 km/h (70MPH) forty years ago! Now, with much safer cars, it is 100 km/h (62MPH). http://www.stop100.ca


We want to legally drive at 120-130 km/h just like the citizens of over 60 jurisdictions world-wide, including the USA and EU. Countries and states that post 120-130 km/h on speed limits signs do not see a carnage, but smoothly flowing roads!


We want to drive freely and legally on our world-class highways, with full focus on the road. We are tired of driving in fear of arbitrary and random police enforcement, harsh penalties and unjust insurance rate hikes.


Increasing divided freeway speed limits has no effect on fatality rates. Multiple countries and jurisdictions have recently done the same with no fatality rate increase. In Utah, the authorities have observed no change in the number of fatalities and an 11-20% drop in vehicle crashes following the speed limit increase from 75 to 80 MPH (120 to 128 km/h).


For more information please visit us at http://www.stop100.ca and support us now!