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Kitchener-Guelph GO Transit Rail Shuttle

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GO Transit should implement a frequent, all-day, rail-based service that connects Kitchener GO in Waterloo Region to Guelph GO. This idea would enable connectivity between two rapidly growing regions, supporting job growth, sustainable development, and the movement of people.


This idea could be feasible based on the following:

- Metrolinx already owns the tracks between Kitchener and Guelph

- Stations already exist in both cities, and a station is currently planned for Breslau

- GO would only have to provide a few additional trains and crews to establish the service, meaning it could be implemented relatively quickly

- Many tech workers, university students, and commuters travel between Guelph and Kitchener daily

- GO Trains in Kitchener would connect to Waterloo Region’s ION LRT service, slated to open in early 2018

- Would provide an alternative to driving, and could spur economic development in the vicinity of the stations

- Would be a first step in providing frequent, all-day service to Toronto’s Union station


Some background on the subject:


Currently, GO Transit rail service to Kitchener from Toronto’s Union Station is limited to rush-hour only service due to Metrolinx not owning a key stretch of track between Brampton and Georgetown. By starting by providing a Kitchener-Guelph service, GO/Metrolinx could effectively use existing resources to quickly provide more local service.


This idea would be the first step to boosting service on GO’s Kitchener Line, with full all-day service from Kitchener to Union being implemented once Metrolinx either signs a deal with the freight railway that owns the key section of track, or builds the proposed “Missing Link” freight bypass, which could be many years away from operation.


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