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Make French Immersion Programming Fully Available To Bilingual Families

Under the French Languages Act, it states that individuals who speak French have the right to also learn in French. But what happens when a child has one parent who speaks French, and one who speaks English? Should those children not have the right to learn in both French and English? French Immersion programs offer this ability, but many have limited spots with the majority of spots going to English only speaking families. This limits the ability of bilingual families to receive services that for them are not a privilege or a choice, but are essential in order for their children to communicate with both sides of their family and function within the family dynamic. With that said, spots in French Immersion programs should be offered to bilingual families first with left over spots being offered to all others. Bilingual children should have the right to learn in both of Canada's official languages in order to function in their daily lives.



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