Strong Sustainable Communities

Mandating Sustainability Criterion for any Bill

Sustainability is a common catch phrase in most government documents/policies/laws. But it does not mean necessarily that sustainability principles are adhered to. In essence, in most times, sustainability is used as a flashy word to prove good environmental intentions. Sustainability is a very important criterion that we have to apply to any bill/policy made by the government to ensure that the bill will achieve the intended purposes in a balanced way: economically, socially, and environmentally (also known as triple bottom line). In most times, sustainability is reduced to focusing predominantly on environmental aspects at the expense of social and/or economical aspects (e.g. housing, building highways, green energy, etc.)


Without approaching our policy and law making in a sustainable ways, we are essentially succumbing to instant gratification of feeling good by doing well environmentally but only to our economical and social detriment, manifested in housing crisis, traffic congestions, out-of-bounds- hydro bills, etc. that eventually become unsustainable and only dig us deeper in the hole. Sustainability as a check will guide us to smarter solutions that can work such as harnessing technology to eradicating emissions rather than adapting to low-carbon targets that are unsustainable because of their cost to a Ontario that is growing.



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