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Mental Health Ontario - MHO

I'm hearing that people know there are mental health services available in Ontario, but don't know how to access them or where to begin. We should create a governmental agency called Mental Health Ontario, a one-stop shop for access to care for key mental health services similar to Cancer Care Ontario. This agency would be responsible to drive continuos improvement in prevention, recognition of risk, mental health screening, delivery of care, access to care and evaluation of the patient experience.


This agency could also innovate by developing new evidence-based approaches to mental health care and implementing them in system-wide planning, including contracts with community providers, service providers such as hospitals and public education systems. Ideally, it would develop and implement measurable performance targets as exist in the current healthcare system to ensure that services to Ontario citizens continuously improve.


Naheed Yaqubian

Candidate, Aurora - Oak Ridges - Richmond Hill


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Idea No. 172