Responsive Government

More, better online services from government

Citizens want government to be online and available on their smartphone! Should be just as easy as online banking or buying something on Amazon.


Ontario has done a great job lately in rolling out great new online services, like with the OSAP aid calculator (, Budget Talks to get great ideas from citizens (, or the new healthcare wait-times finder (


But what's next?!


Can i have a single sign-on for all government services, so i don't need six passwords?

e-Signature when i apply for something, so i don't need to mail or upload paperwork?

can you make it easier to find child care in my neighbourhood?

or to find a safe, good quality long-term care home for a family member?


There are so many things that could be done! Others must have good ideas too



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208 up votes
32 down votes
Idea No. 22