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National East-West Energy Grid to address long term energy and global warming

Ontario has no long term plan for what will happen once existing nuclear plants no longer can operate as they reach the end of their lifespans - solar and wind need some sort of additional power given their intermittent nature and there is no simple way of storing electricity without large losses.


Over time our economy is likely to become more reliant on electricity as we wind down fossil fuels - the only other likely currencies for energy might be hydrogen or biofuels.


It makes no sense to have clean BC, Manitoba Quebec and Labradour hydroelectricity going to the US while other provinces struggle to replace fossil fuels or nuclear power with something else. As existing export contract expire, or new projects are built, Canada's need for clean power needs to come a way that benefits both producing and consuming provinces.


We need a national east-west power grid - Ontario needs to work with the federal government and all the other provinces to bring it about.



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