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As we become more aware of our global social and economic society, Canada’s pursuit of a culturally diverse enriched country and the profound submersion of our lives deeper into a realm of technological breakthroughs and applications, we arrive on the doorstep of relevance, education, participation, and leadership. How will we be recognized as significant contributors to our ever fast paced, changing world? It begins with education; with curiosity and encouraged learning triggered by knowledgeable and skilled professional teachers who are relevant in their perspective and their commitment to quality teaching. We need to infuse our process of education from early learning through the entire journey into higher education with the appropriate resources, cutting edge technology, profound curiosity and most importantly with the demonstrable relevancy of nation with a 21st Century education system. Right now we are teaching methodologies based on industrialization era metrics. I am posing the question, "what does a 21st century education look like?". We are in dire straits if we do not re-tool our thinking about how we teach and what we are teaching our citizens. In discussing this matter recently with high school guidance counselors, they acknowledged seeing more and more students with anxiety issues, non-compliance boredom behavior, and an ineptitude in the area ‎of grasping social causes and effective relationships and/or critical thinking. More and more students are surfacing who lean toward a belief that they have entered into the area of a broad-based education system disconnected from our society. A very dear friend of mine is a born teacher, a gifted teacher, and could not get a single interview following graduating with honors from York University with a BE.... Something very fundamental is way off with our system. Were this a one off, sure, write it off, but when one hears numerous parents with children evidencing similar experiences, other graduates of teaching programs unable to get a interview after years of effort, when we look at how warp speeding technologies are advancing, and hear from professionals within the system saying there is a systemic PROBLEM and given what they are witnessing is student reaction to this issue, then it is time to turn the Titanic away from the iceberg field. We need to invest in quality education today in order to be a relevant, effective society of tomorrow. Pride, trust and relevance in education need to be restored.



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