Sustainable Communities

Protection of the Pickering Lands

WHEREAS the designated lands for development constitute prime Class 1 farmland and are adjacent to an ecologically sensitive urban national park (i.e., the Rouge National Urban Park);


WHEREAS the loss of over 13,000 acres of prime farmland, the GTA’s healthiest watersheds and freshwater streams, and important natural habitat is indefensible;


WHEREAS a clear business case for an airport or economic zone on the Pickering Lands based on an independent study taking into account all airports available in Southern Ontario has not been established;


WHEREAS the development of the Pickering Lands as an airport and for industrial use has been strongly opposed by local residents and local representatives for over 40 years;


BE IT RESOLVED that the Ontario Liberal Party opposes the conversion of the Pickering Lands into an airport or economic zone in the absence of a clear business case.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Ontario government will recommend to the federal government that lands designated as Moraine lands and all Green belt lands be preserved lands, managed by Parks Canada, and established within an agricultural preserve.


Watch, The Pickering Lands.




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