Strong Sustainable Communities

Provincial Housing Crisis

The Ontario Liberals should commit to building at least 350,000 rental, social,

co-op, and owner-purchase homes "through partnerships" over 10 years to

deal with Ontario's growing housing crisis which is seeing even those individuals who are gainfully employed full time - unable to afford to rent - much less own a home in many parts of the province.


Increasing the supply of housing is the best way to make housing more affordable and keep it affordable.

Ontario Liberals should commit to working with all levels of government, First Nations and the not-for-profit as well as private sectors, to secure land and build needed housing.


These 350,000 homes should be a mix of housing for singles, seniors, and families and shoulf range from supported social housing to quality, market rental housing

- as well as rent to own housing.


Municipal and regional governments oversee land-use planning, but the province has the power to pass legislation overriding this authority.



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