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Purchase a police helicopter for Toronto

The Government of Ontario should purchase of a police helicopter for the Toronto Police Service (TPS). I believe its absurd that the City of Toronto with a population of over 3 million people does not have its own police helicopter, and

has had to request to assistance of the one currently owned and operated by

York Regional Police on countless occasions. York Region as a whole has

a population of just over 1 million people...


Cash strapped Toronto cannot realistically afford to make such an expensive - but very important acquisition - despite the clear need for it where public safety is concerned. The City of Toronto has expenses, challenges, obligations and responsibilities that no other Ontario municipality currently faces.


I believe that a police helicopter would be an invaluable crime fighting tool for the Toronto Police Service to have when dealing with missing persons, conducting car chases safely and improving officer safety. This would greatly help in preventing and solving crimes in

City of Toronto overall.



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