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Regulating the Sharing Market

The short-term housing market, and its’ technologically driven business model, is a specific area of the sharing economy that has disrupted the traditional hospitality sector and areas of the housing market. The commercialization of these services creates an unbalanced playing field, in which, homeowners with multiple properties are able to use them like hotel rooms. This should be categorized as unfair, as those utilizing these home sharing services to their advantage are not held to the same health and safety standards as other businesses in the hospitality sector. Further, individuals commercializing home sharing platforms are able to avoid paying many of the taxes that are imposed upon traditional businesses in the hospitality sector. These companies have also had adverse affects on the housing/rental market, as we have witnessed an increasing amount of Canadians with multiple residencies taking their properties off of the long-term leasing market realizing that they can make greater profit commercializing services like Airbnb. This reduces the amount of residencies in an area, and it also drive the price up of the existing residences. I urge the provincial government of Ontario to implement regulations that create a fair business environment for both the traditional hospitality sector and the newly emerging peer-to-peer home sharing market.



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