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Reliable, Viable and Durable Rapid Transit System for the GTA

Build Reliable, Viable and Durable Rapid Subway Transit System which connect all cities and important places within the GTA. The building project will start and complete within a specified period of time.

There is no doubt that this project brings number of positive things

1. Reduce the commute time (minimize wasting human productivite hours on the road traffic)

2. Reduce the Carbon emissions(exhaust gas)

3. Reduce frustration as well as driving related diseases of long hours sitting on the seat of the drivers

4. Save money on gas, maintenance and depreciation of the vehicles

5. Increase the peoples mobility and people can travel to and from the jobs, shopping, watching games, live shows etc. Eg: Markham people can commute to Brampton for work or go to Airport for traveling.

6. Even harsh weather people can travel one place to another(viable transit)

7. Minimize the Road accidents

8. Save lot of money in widening and maintaining the roads.Also the space used for widening or extending new roads can be used some other purposes.

9. Peaceful traveling (while traveling)

10. Less maintenance cost compare to roads.

Federal, Provincial and Municipalities as well as Private and Public can be the stakeholders of the project.

Transparency and Accountability are two things needed while implementing the project.



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