Lifelong Learning

Removing stigma of higher education and promote blue collar jobs.

When I was looking at post secondary school, it was implied that university was the next step in life. This was what was being promoted with in schools and at the home. University is known as higher education. While college is just that, college. This is a stigma in our society of hierarchy. While many students are attending university, with no life goals or carrier goals. The belief that university will guide you to a better job opportunity which will allow you a better chance at achieving financial wealth. While this is simply not the case. A lot of the job markets that university provides opportunity is flooded. While many blue collar jobs go unfilled. The only thing university guarantees is student debt. Ontario needs more electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, etc. I think more can be done to promote blue collar jobs rather than the push for students to attend university within the public school system. I believe starting with the stigmas around universities being higher learning is a great start. Have guidance counselors show students what job fields are going to have a void of people while showing them also what markets are flooded. Most people understand supply and demand.



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