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Research must include services

Recently I heard that 100 million dollars was donated to research so many who suffer with mental illness can be cured. It is extremely painful knowing that so many young adults are lost and many living on the streets but yet every time we hear about a donation it is strictly used for research. I can tell you that for many the only kind of cure they need is physically and emotionally. We are too busy trying t find answers rather than solutions of how to care. What can be done to secure their future. In many cases people and lack of care are the reasons behind elevated mental illness. We need to focus on caring and aiding their lack of ability to do for themselves. Everyday that goes by with out offering help is tragic. Secure our young adults with services and 24 hour supervision in their homes or a home like environment. Most of the research can be done hands on. Some mental illness begins from past events and cannot be cured from medication but can be helped with changed behavior.



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