Inclusive and Just Society

Restore the right to work and justice in the workplace

This idea encompasses the major discussion categories of "Inclusive Growth", Strong Sustainable Communities", "Affordable Cost of Living" and "Inclusive and Just Society."


The most crucial and fundamental role of an elected government is to clarify and defend the rights of citizens. During the 1800s when classical liberalism took hold for the first time in history, workers found better and better jobs, the poverty rate plummeted, the standard of living skyrocketed, education became widely available and technological, scientific and social progress advanced at rates never seen before. With the discovery of individual rights and political freedom came prosperity.


In Ontario it used to be that if two people negotiated a contract and agreed on its terms, then they were free to do so and the role of government was to provide a system of justice that would objectively arbitrate if one party believed the contract had been broken. Over the last century, a growing number of laws and regulations has changed (and broken) our system from the right to contract to one of obstruction of contracts.


- If I am offered and accept a job for $8 per hour, government now intervenes and says I am not allowed to work, so my wages fall to $0 per hour.

- If I am skilled at a particular task or trade and sign a contract with an employer, government now intervenes and says I am not allowed to work because I don't have the right license from a bureaucracy.

- If I am hired for a job and do not wish to belong to the union, the government now intervenes and forces me to pay money to a group I disagree with or else takes away my job.

- If I am doing work that satisfies my customers but it does not meet the standards of a bureaucracy, along comes the government and puts me out of work.

- These are but a few examples from among many.


In a just society there are two parties to a contract and it is these individuals who decide what is best for them - no one else. My idea here is to begin restoring the rights of workers and those who wish to work and removing the barriers that have been put in place to prevent them from working. Since there are thousands of small and large obstacles to remove the project would take several years, but it should be started as soon as possible so the rights of workers will once more be strong and clearly defended by our government.



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