Responsive Government

School board reform

It used to be that school boards were elected, and had power to levy taxes, and they were run responsibly. Over time we have ended up with dysfunctional school boards and with them not having much power but the province needing to step in because they go into debt or otherwise fail.


We need a commission to review school board governance and funding across the province, as well as the fairness of the way education taxes are levied which has higher rates of education taxes in some places than in others.


Maybe school properties should be transferred to cities and we should have only parent-teacher boards with few powers. maybe the province should pay for salaries and negotiate them but give power back to school boards to decide on how many schools to open can close and to levy taxes to maintain them, since in some places the schools have pools or otherwise function as community hubs.


Call a commission to study this issue. ideally, if we were to merge the public and catholic systems then other reforms might be needed, but this issue should be studied anyway.



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