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Secondary School Mandatory Credits - Child Rearing

There should be a Mandatory course in Secondary School for all students on the stages of child development and how to support a child in its growth. It should not be a tiny part of the Physical and Health Ed Class. Currently, there are many mandatory courses but none in secondary deal with the stages of child development and how to access community resources for support. Without such knowledge, many children in our society are put in a significant deficit position by the time they child reaches school age.


Current 18 compulsory credits in 2017

Students must earn the following compulsory credits to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma:

- 4 credits in English (1 credit per grade)*

- 3 credits in mathematics (1 credit in Grade 11 or 12)

- 2 credits in science

- 1 credit in Canadian history

- 1 credit in Canadian geography

- 1 credit in the arts

- 1 credit in health and physical education

- 1 credit in French as a second language

- 0.5 credit in career studies

- 0.5 credit in civics


After 30 years with children in education, it became clear that there are a large number of parents who have no idea how to support their child in its early stages of development. This is bad for the child and for our society as it costs a lot of money to support these children to help them reach their potential after failing behind from birth.


Children who fail behind in education are at significantly higher risk of requiring social aid throughout their life and are at higher risk of falling into the criminal justice system. By helping our Secondary students to understand the importance of childhood development stages and directing them to resources, they will be more prepared for parenting in their future. Parents at the lower socioeconomic scale are generally less knowledgeable about how to access community support and that is bad for our children’s future and for the economy in general.



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