Lifelong Learning

Solve skills shortages - increase training and admissions instead of relying on immigration

Ontario spends a lot to educate our kids and anyone who wants to gets skills or education.


Yet we seems to have shortages of certain skills or training that never get addressed - we do not have enough doctors, but there is no shortage of people who want to become doctors, instead the shortage is because of the lack of slots in medical degree programs and in hospital internships needed for a license.


The federal immigration points system selects based on years of education - if we need skills such as a crane operator, we are not training enough. Pharmacist is on the list - why are we not training more of them if there is a shortage?


Do th eprofessional bodies in these areas not want more people trained to compete with current professionals?


We should not be relying on immigration to solve skills shortages, except as a short term fix - in the long term, we are a rich province and country that can afford to train our own people so that our kids and the kids of immigrants will get a good job when they grow up.


These 29 careers are on a list - yet most of them are things where the province should be increasing the number of people trained while cutting back on other types of degrees or training that are not in short supply:


0631 Restaurant and Food Service Managers

0811 Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture)

1122 Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

1233 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners

2121 Biologists and Related Scientists

2151 Architects

3111 Specialist Physicians

3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians

3113 Dentists

3131 Pharmacists

3142 Physiotherapists

3152 Registered Nurses

3215 Medical Radiation Technologists

3222 Dental Hygienists & Dental Therapists

3233 Licensed Practical Nurses

4151 Psychologists

4152 Social Workers

6241 Chefs

6242 Cooks

7215 Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades

7216 Contractors and Supervisors, Mechanic Trades

7241 Electricians (Except Industrial & Power System)

7242 Industrial Electricians

7251 Plumbers

7265 Welders & Related Machine Operators

7312 Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

7371 Crane Operators

7372 Drillers & Blasters - Surface Mining, Quarrying & Construction

8222 Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service



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