Inclusive and Just Society

Stop Religious Discrimination in Ontario Public Schools

If Ontario honestly wants to be an inclusive and just society, our school system must stop discriminating based on a faith.


Public elementary Catholic schools in Ontario deny admission to non-Catholics. Public Catholic schools deny teaching opportunities to non-Catholics based solely on faith. These are unacceptable and completely contrary to the expectation of an inclusive society.


*** Religious Discrimination in Admissions *** Here are the admission requirements to any publicly funded elementary school in the Toronto Catholic District School Board, which basically state that non-Catholics need not apply. Everyone (Catholics and non-Catholics) pay equally to support the entire educational system and then non-Catholics are denied admission to schools that they financially support: Given an inclusive and fair society, such an admission system is obviously unacceptable.




Who can register at a TCDSB elementary school?

•Catholic children, or

•Non-Catholic children of Catholic parents - one custodial parent who is baptized Catholic, living in the city of Toronto and having the ability to direct tax support to the TCDSB.

•Children of parents enrolled in the R.C.I.A./R.C.I.A. program with a Catholic church.


*** Religious Discrimination in Hiring of Teachers *** See below for details and an example of a job advertisement that is based purely on religious discrimination. Without a doubt, teachers should be hired based on their qualifications and not based on their faith.



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